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Could Casino Comps Become Regulated?

July 19, 2018 July 20, 2018 Barbara Cohen

Casino comps are given away by online, mobile as well as land based casinos as a way to reward their customers for their gambling action. The general rule of thumb is the more you gamble, not win or lose the more in comps you will get.

So, even if you are a relatively low stake player who has a long playing session, and manage to recycle your bankroll many types then you are going to get heavily rewarded for that gaming session. But high rollers do of course tend to earn the most comps for they are wagering some very large stake amounts.

But I recently came across a discussion in which it was suggested that casino comps should become regulated by gambling commissions and gaming authorities, to ensure casinos are not tempting potential problem gamblers to deposit more than they can afford.

Casino comps can also come in the form of loyalty bonuses, and as such the higher the status you have at any casino sites or casino venues the bigger in value those bonuses can and will become, and that is what is concerning some people, for by dangling a huge carrot in the shape of a high valued bonus, players may make a much bigger deposit to get that bonus and could gamble away more money than they can afford to!

How Are Comps Accumulated

Most casinos are going to award you with a certain number of comp points based on how much you feed through and play off in stakes on say a slot machine, so a basic comp club that awards 1 point for each single dollar you wager will award you with 100 comp points when you have wagered $100 through a slot machine.

Obviously from that $100 in slot played some of the spins will hopefully be winning ones, so over time you could recycle that $100 many times and end up with a huge number of comp points. The casino will then allow you to exchange your points for prizes, cash, additional slot player or all manner of other extras too!

What Different Comp Clubs Are Available?

One thing gamblers are going to have to get their heads around is the many different types of casino comp clubs and players clubs that are available, for there are a lot of different ones players can assign up to that will reward players in many different ways.

However, most online casino sites and land based casinos too will offer a multi-tiered type o comp club that will see players who do gamble more getting access to bigger and better rewards due in no uncertain terms to their higher wager amounts.

That is something that could actually come under the scrutiny of regulators one day, for it could be the case that they are rewarding gamblers for gambling more, which could come under the eye of regulators who may be more concerned about gambling responsibly rather than a player being able to gamble for higher stake amounts if they cannot afford to do so!

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