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Biloxi Casino Players Hit Two Mega Jackpots in Less than a Month!

August 13, 2018 August 13, 2018 Barbara Cohen

Wander around any land based casino in the USA and you are going to come across plenty f progressive slot machines, so have local jackpots that can only be won on either one machine or can only be won by players in one casino, and there are slots which are networked across the USA.

The odds on winning one of those network wide progressive jackpots are tiny, and as such whenever a player does set about playing them, they do know in the back of their minds that it will take something of a miracle for them to walk off with the jackpot.

However, over in Biloxi there have been two mega jackpot winners in less than a month, and the odds on that happening are huge! The most recent jackpot hit was at the Beau Rivage Casino, and it was one lucky female player from Texas who managed to secure a huge $1.2 million playing the ever popular a 25-cent Triple Double Diamond Wheel of Fortune slot from IGT.

It was also back in July on the 18th of that month another player managed to win an even bigger progressive jackpot worth a whopping $1.3 million, this time on a high limit slot over at the Hard Rock Casino.

 UK Slot Player Wins Big

New has also just filtered through to me that a UK online slot player has just won a mega sized jackpot playing at the Mecca Games website.

It was on the Mighty Tusk slot game that jackpot was won, and it has been reported it was the first spin on that slot that won a woman from Dagenham in Essex an enormous and certainly life changing jackpot, that spin cost the player just 40p and won her £1.6million!

Always Read Progressive Slot Game Pay Tables

One word of advice if you are thinking about trying to add your name to the list of progressive slot jackpot winners, and set about playing any number of progressive slots, and that is to always read the pay tables on those slots before you start to play.

By doing so you will see if you have to play for a certain stake level or put into live play a certain number of pay lines to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot, failure to do so will see you never having a chance of winning the jackpot when playing certain slots!

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