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Live Dealer Online Casino Studies to Launch in the USA

August 22, 2018 August 22, 2018 casinoreport

It finally appears that the USA is catching up with the rest of the world regarding what will be on available and on offer to gamblers who enjoy playing at online casinos, for they are soon to get access to live dealer casinos online!

Whilst in many US States it is still a legal grey area as to gambling online in any shape of form, however in places such as New Jersey that have chosen to take the route of allowing US citizens living or staying within the State boundaries to be able to gamble online.

An infrastructure has been put together which means the New Jersey gambling regulators can now issue gambling licenses to companies based in New Jersey to allow them to offer online gambling games and many land based casinos have been applying for those licenses.

As such thanks to the announcement that live dealer casino studios are going to become available in New Jersey that means casino game players will be able to play a range of card and table games that are being played in land based venues but from home, and they will watch the game action over the internet via a live video stream.

Most Popular Live Casino Games

As far as just which casino games have proven to be the most popular ones played by players at live casino sites in other countries of the world, two card games that do get a lot of attention from players are Blackjack and Baccarat,.

However, the table game of Roulette is proving to be just as popular as those two card games too at all lie casino sites, and there is no doubt in my mind that will also be the case when those New Jersey based live online casinos do go fully operational!

Benefits of Playing Live Casino Games

There are plenty if unique benefits to be had by players who do set about playing lie casino games as opposed to software driven games which use random number generators as the way of determining the outcome of each and every single game played off.

The one main advantage is a much greater feeling of fair play, as players can see all of the gaming action being played out in front of them on the live video feed also live dealer casino games are played at a more sedate pace too!

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