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New 3D and 4D Slot Machines Making People Feel Ill!

August 9, 2018 August 13, 2018 David Nugent

One aspect of playing casino games, in any type of casino game playing environment, is that you are always going o come cross brand new slot machines offering you all types of features and formats that you will have never seen or come across before.

In fact, that is one of the most exciting aspects of being a slot player that you are always going to find plenty of brand new and even older slots that you have never come across but ones that you will find very appealing due to any number of reasons.

However, there are, as you are probably aware quite a lot of slot machines nowadays that will be offering some form of immersive type of playing structure or format, many slot machines will be launched with interactive chairs that move about and vibrate as players play the slot they are positioned in front of.

Some slot machines come with highly advanced sounds effects too, and some of them will be offering you something known as a 3D or even a 4D playing format, however it has been reported that some players can and do feel quite ill after playing such slots!

Blurred Vision and Dizziness

I have actually played a handful of 3D slot machines in the past, and I do have to report that I am one of those players that have been left feeling ill after playing them!

It is the way in which the 3D images and animations are presented and displayed on the screen that made me feel quite ill as they appeared blurred to me, and it was at the point in time I stopped playing them and move away from them I noticed I felt quite unsteady on my feet too.

Turning Off the 3D and 4D visual Effects

One that that you will be able to do however if you do fancy playing one of these new types of slot machines that do offer players either 3D or 4D graphics and animation is to be able to turn off those effects if you wish to do so.

By doing so you can then play the slot machines with the standard graphics and animations in play, but that does seem rather pointless unless you actually like the design of the base game, for most often than not the slot designers will have built the entire slot machines to take advantage of those advanced graphics and animations too!

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