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New Level-Up Video Poker Games Prove to be Popular

December 30, 2017 July 20, 2018 Barbara Cohen

It is always good to see a casino game designer revamping some of the older styled casino games that have been around for many years.

One company that has managed to achieve something unusual is Microgaming, and they have launched a range of what are known as Level-Up video poker games on which you are going to find a very unusual type of playing format and structure.

The way in which those video poker games have been designed is that to play them you need to place four initial stakes, all of which are at risk on the first hand you play off.

If your first hand is a winning one then you are dealt out another hand, if that is a winning one a third hand is dealt out to you and if that wins a fourth hand is also dealt out to you.

The most interesting aspect of Level Up video poker games is that on the second, third and fourth hand played off via a single game played a x2, x4 and x8 multiplier comes into play and they will boost the winning payouts awarded on each of those three hands respectively.

Fair and Random Casino Games

If there is one bit of advice I would pass on anyone in the UK that wants to start playing at an online casino site when that person is based in Great Britain, it is to ensure that the casino sites they do become a member of holds a full and valid UK Gambling Commission issued gaming license.

That will always give you the peace of mind in knowing your account balance is in a safe and segregated bank account, and you will also have the added peace of mind in knowing that every single game available at those casino sites are fair and random too.

It is also going to be very beneficial for players who are based in the UK or for that matter any other country of the world to sign up to a casino site that allows them to play in their own home currency as that way no currency exchange rate fees will be taken from your deposits and you will not be at the mercy of currency exchange rates too.

But do be aware that some casino sites may proclaim to be licensed and regulated by one or more gambling commission or gaming authority when they are not, sadly that is the nature of the internet these days, so always make a point of checking the gambling commission website just to double check any casino site you come across is fully licensed.

All licensed casino sites do have to abide by some very strict rules and regulations too, so you will always have a hassle free experience and will be playing at casino sites that believe in fair play and integrity.

Playing Video Poker Optimally

The payout percentages on most video poker games really are high, and as such they are very appealing to players who want to get plenty of play time out of their bankrolls and also get plenty of winning payouts too.

However, you may not yet have played video poker games and if not then you do need to be aware you have to play them with perfect strategy to get the payout percentages as high as they have set, for if you make any playing errors you can negatively affect the RTP!

Therefore there is one little tip I can pass onto you if you do fancy playing any type of video poker games and that will be to only play those that offer something known as an auto hold setting.

By tracking down and playing such games if you then activate the auto hold option setting the game is going to hold the very best cards for you once your initial set of five playing cards have been dealt out to you.

That way you will never have to waste any time learning which cards to hold and which ones to discard as the game is always going to do that for you, and as such you are just tasked with sitting there clicking onto the deal and re-deal button in the hope you do get a winning hand combination!

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