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UK Casino Player Wins Huge Major Millions Slot Jackpot

August 29, 2018 August 29, 2018 David Nugent

They do say that fortune favours the brave, and it is also very true to say that if you are prepared to play a slot machine, and especially a progressive slot game for a stake levels as high as £3 per spin, then you do deserve all the luck in the world.

Well, all the luck in the world does appear to be what one UK based mobile casino player has just experienced, for that player has just walked off with a mind blowing and certainly a life changing jackpot win!

It was over at the Mega Casino site that a player won a massive slot jackpot, and it was when playing the Major millionaires slot that the luck player managed to line up the jackpot paying winning combination and win that massive ash jackpot.

From a news report I have just come across the player had been playing the Major millions slot which is a network wide online and mobile slot designed by Microgaming for quite some time, and it was on the players 454th spin that the life changing jackpot win was awarded!

One Lump Sum Winning Payment

One thing that Microgaming has always prided itself on and has gained the respect of many slot players for doing is ensuring that as soon as any player is lucky enough to win any of the progressive jackpots attached to any of their progressive jackpot paying games is to pay that player out via one single winning payment.

It is all too easy for some casino site operators to pay out jackpot winners in small weekly or monthly winning payouts in the hope that a player lose back their winnings, but that is something that will never happen when playing and winning a jackpot on a Microgaming designed progressive game.

Microgaming Progressive Slots

Over the many years that Microgaming has been in business they have designed and launched a huge range of different progressive slot games as well as launching a slot of other casino games offering life changing jackpots.

It is due to the fact that those networked progressive games are linked into many different online casino sites that makes then very popular with players, for the jackpots attached to those games grow in value very quickly and they do seem to be won by players very regularly too.

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