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Gaming Machines in Reno Targeted by Criminals

August 24, 2018 August 24, 2018 Danielle Green

Wherever you have slot and gaming machines you are going to have people who are prepared to try and defraud those machines, and over in Reno there is something of a mini crime spree happening, as a gang of criminals have been plundering the contents of gaming machines.

Instead of trying to rob gaming machine that are based in land based casinos, what the suspected team of three are doing is concentrating their breaking and entering skills on targeting machines that are located in local bars throughout the Reno area.

They wait until the venues closes and then break into those bars and have mastered the very fine art of smashing open the gaming machines, emptying the contents of them, and then making their escape in record time.

So far, 14 different local Reno based bars have been targeted, and the detectives from the Reno and Sparks Police departments in conjunction with the Washoe County Sheriff’s office are investigating those crimes.

Obviously this type of crime is very hard to stop, for unless an alarm is triggered immediately and the police have time to react quickly the criminals are long gone before they do arrive at the venue that has been hit!

All Gaming Machines at Risk

It doesn’t matter where a gaming machine is located, whether in a bar or on a casino gaming floor, if a criminal is determined to break into such a machine then they are going to be able to do so fairly quickly.

However, with the very high security measures in place in land based casinos, they are rarely targeted by criminal who attempt to break open the doors on their gaming machines, for those machines will send an instant signal to the security team alerting them of the fact a slot machine door have been opened.

Much More Advanced Slot Machine Attacks

Whilst a simple smash and grab type of attack on a slot machine is easy to detect, there are plenty of much more advanced ways that fraudsters are able to cheat them.

It is often via the coin and note acceptors that a criminal will attack in an attempt to obtain credits on gaming machines, and with sleight of hand and the required skill in doing so those types of frauds are much harder to spot and detect, but they do happen every single day of the week in various different casino venues.

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Danielle Green is our expert on cross-border laws surrounding the operation of casino sites, and she will be reporting on all recent and upcoming changes to legalization surrounding such gambling sites too.

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