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Laughlin Based Casinos Fighting Hard for Survival

August 20, 2018 August 20, 2018 Jessica Wilson

The town of Laughlin is about one and a half hours drive away from Vegas, and once discovered by visitors it is a place that they are certainly going to want to visit again.

What makes that part of Nevada such a popular destination for gamblers in particular is that it has multiple land based casinos, all of which are in walking distance of each other. However, it is set alongside the banks of the Colorado River, which makes it a very attractive place to visit.

You never see half built buildings for example when visiting Laughlin, and from a safety point of view it really is a safe little town and one with a minute crime rate, much more so when you compare it to the crime rate in the Downtown and Strip areas of Las Vegas.

However, what Laughlin has always had to do is to battle hard for survival, and as somebody who enjoys gambling you are always going to be blessed with some of the most generous of casino promotional offers when you visit.

No Resort Fees

One of the major attractions for anybody that is seeking out a gambling destination at which to stay at for any length of time is that Laughlin Casino resorts do not charge resort fees, and as such your room or suite bill is not going to be massively increased in value due to resort fees.

There are just as many additional extras available at most Laughlin Casino Resorts, so you are always going to find plenty of distractions away from the gaming floors, and with it not being anywhere as busy as Las Vegas you are never going to have to battle through the crowds to get to where you are going, which does appeal to a much older demographic of player.

Most Generous Player Clubs

As for what you are going to be getting as a member of any of the players clubs at casinos that are based in Laughlin, you are going to find the way that those players clubs are structured are way more generous than that of most Vegas based casinos.

In fact, it is also true and fair to say that the slot game and video poker game RTP’s are very high in Laughlin, and as such you are always going to be getting plenty of value if those are the types of casino games that you do enjoy playing the most!

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