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Is It Time for the UK T Re-Think Super Casinos?

August 10, 2018 August 13, 2018 Claire Aleman

There was talk not too many years ago for a huge super casino to be built somewhere in the United Kingdom, and many local authorities across the UK did submit applications to have one of their towns and cities considered as the place that a super casino would be built.

It is worth me pointing out that a super casino is exactly what it sounds like, a huge casino the like to which is bigger than any other land based casino in the UK, however due to outrage from some fronts the idea was dropped.

However, it must surely be the time to reconsider building a super casino, for there is no doubt in my mind there is a need for such a venue, and if one was to be built in one of the seaside towns for example that have lost their way so to speak over the years, it could total rejuvenate such a town.

In fact, if a super casino was to be built in a seaside town and it was also proving accommodation then there could be literally thousands of jobs available at such a venue which would be a massive boost to such a town.

Why Oppose a Super Casino?

You are probably wondering who would want to object to a super casino being built, when it is of course those people, organisations and charities that help addicted gamblers that always seem to object to such venues being built.

But surely people who do know how to gamble should be allowed to gamble at such a site, and with the number of casino jobs that would be available in such a venue, it does seem unfair that those jobs will not become available due to some people not being able to control their gambling activities.

Super Casinos Work in Other Countries

You only have to look at places such as the USA to realise that super casinos do work, and there are no shortages of them in most US States.

However, as long as gambling is look upon as something less that a honourable activity in the UK there is little doubt in my mind that such a venue will never be built, but maybe one day a forward thinking government will allow a super casino to be built and that will be a boost to any town or city chosen as the host for such a venue, without a shadow of a doubt.

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