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Laws Regarding Voiding Winning Pay-Outs

July 21, 2018 July 21, 2018 Claire Aleman

Displayed somewhere on every single casino game, no matter in which playing environment you have chosen to access and play those games, you are going to find a small notice on which it will state that a malfunction will void all play.

The reason all casino games do have such a noticed attached to them is to alert players that If for example the slot machine they are playing does malfunction in any way and does play out in the way it has been designed, the casino operator can choose to void any winning pay-outs achieved on that game, or will be obliged to return to you your stake if a game does malfunction for any reason.

As such you do need to be fully aware that if you do play a casino game and something happens to that game as you are playing it, that it has not been designed to do, then if you do win your winnings could be voided out and you will not receive those winnings.

However, I do have to say that it is very rare for a modern day casino game to malfunction, so it isn’t something that is going to happen to you regularly, but as most games are electronic a malfunction could occur at any time.

Types of Casino Game Malfunctions

The most common type of casino game malfunction is a display error, and as such you could be playing a slot machines or video poker machine and it could suddenly display on the screen a huge jackpot win.

However, if a display error does occur the value of that win could be many times greater than the win you should have won, so if you suddenly see you have won millions of dollars for example when spinning in a winning combination when playing a penny slot that has a top jackpot of just a few thousand dollars, so not think you are going to get paid out that massive jackpot, as you won’t!

What Happens When a Casino Game Malfunctions?

If you are playing for example a card or table game in a land based casino that uses real life Dealers or Croupiers and a playing error occurs then the Pit Boss will be called over to that game and he or she will then determine how that error will be rectified.

However, if you are playing an electronic games such as a video poker game or a slot machine in most cases some form of alarm or error code will be triggered when the machine detects some form of malfunction has occurred.

The machine will then normally send out a message to the pager a slot attendant or technician has on them, and they will then be summonsed to that machine to reset it.

Be aware that if you are unhappy with what the slot attendant or slot technician does or suggest then you can call the Duty Slot Machine to determine how that malfunction should be rectified and fairly that you are also able to request the Gambling Authority or Gambling Commission that licenses that venue is called and they will then step in a make a ruling on the way a malfunction should be rectified.

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