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Philippines President Cancels Casino Project

August 7, 2018 August 13, 2018 Michael Wright

Landing International Development Ltd had been congratulating themselves recently having been given approval to build a brand new casino in the capital city, however at the very last minute, even after ground had been broken on that site, it was announced that development would not be going ahead after all!

The very last minute decision that had been made on the order of the President of the Philippines had been made due to the fact that at the time of allowing Landing International Development the lease to built the huge casino complex, the economy was bad, but as it had now recovered it was deemed the terms of that lease were way too generous.

That is something that has taken everybody by surprise, for surely any forward thinking government anywhere in the world would be eager to allow such a development to go ahead, especially with the huge number of jobs that would have gone with the project.

However, that is not going to be the case now, however some form of appeal is expected but as it was of course the President who made that decision if any appeal was to go ahead it probably would be successful!

More New Casinos across the Globe

There are of course many countries of the world that have a somewhat much more relaxed approach regarding the licensing and approval of new casinos, as in the coming months and years plenty of new land based casinos are going to be built.

Over in Las Vegas for example a lot of work has now resumed on part built building sites that will house new casino venues and a lot of casinos are going through remodelling stages too.

Online Casinos Still Booming

Even with new land based casinos being launched at very regular intervals, the one gambling environment that is booming just as well as it has always has, is the online gambling environment.

Each month a steady stream of online casino sites have gone live and with some much more relaxed State laws coming into place in the USA the number of gambling sites available to online players is going to continue to grow and grow.

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