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Vegas Casinos Battling Hard Despite an Upturn in Violent Crime

August 12, 2018 August 13, 2018 Christopher Andrews

For most people visiting Las Vegas, they have a very enjoyable time, and even though the vast majority of them will be leaving their bankrolls in the drop boxes of the card and table games or will lose them to the slot or video poker machines people do love visiting sin city.

However, where ever there are gambling activities and a huge turnover of people, there is crime, and one side of Vegas not many people get to see is the sheer depravation and crime that does affect the residents throughout Nevada.

You only have to look at the Vegas daily news updates from local news papers to realise that Vegas does have something of a serious crime problem, but fortunately a lot of that crime does take place away from the Vergas Strip and the Downtown area of Las Vegas.

The murder rate in Vegas is not overly high when compared to many other cities in the US, but there is gun crime and murders in Vegas, and anyone who is thinking of visiting Vegas should always ensure they put in place a few different strategies when travelling out and about to ensure they are as safe as can be expected.

Summer is a Quiet Time in Vegas

One thing you do need to be aware of if you do get the urge to visit Las Vegas during the summer months, is that it is surprisingly one of the quieter times of the year.

The main reason casinos always tend to experience a downturn in visitor numbers during the summer month is the weather, for being deep in the desert the outside temperature can and does become unbearable for many people, especially though that are not used to the heat.

Get an All Inclusive Travel Insurance Policy

One final thing to keep in mind if you are panning on visiting the USA and Vegas in particular is that you will be best advised to purchase an all inclusive insurance policy long before you travel.

There can be and often is delays with flights, and as such be ensuring your travel insurance policy covers you for every eventuality you will at the least get compensated if you miss your flight or  it is delayed.

Also the cost of medical treatment in the US is extremely expensive and as such always do ensure you travel insurance covers you for every possible medical emergency!

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