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What are The Legal Minimum Slot Machine RTP’s?

July 26, 2018 July 26, 2018 Craig Anthony

The whole idea of playing slot machines online or on a mobile device or even if you choose to visit a land based casino venue, is that you will ideally want to win when playing for example slot machines, or at least get plenty of play time from your gambling budget and bankroll!

The way in which slot machines have all been designed is that they will each have their own long term expected pay-out percentage, and that is simply an amount of cash based as a percentage of your stakes wagered on a slot machine that is going to be paid out as winnings over the long term.

There could be no minimum pay-out percentage laws and regulations in place and demanded by some gaming commissions or gambling authorities, and as such you need to ensure you are never playing slot machines at sites licensed in some jurisdictions!

However I am happy to say that all of the leading gaming site regulators will have some laws or regulations in place that will stipulate the slot machines on offer at sites they license do have to have, at the very least, a minimum RTP which will often be a reasonable one!

Different Games Have Different RTP’s

The one thing that you should always keep in mind that each game type and each individual casino game is always going to have its own unique pay-out percentage and you should therefore try and find out just what the pay-out percentages are on any game you do fancy playing.

You will find that information in one of several different places but most of the time they will be displayed on the pay tables of a slot or other casino game or possible even on the game play help files or possibly on the websites of a casino site too.

Choose the Highest Paying Games

The art of getting the most winning opportunities when you are playing any games of chance if by you actively tracking down and then playing on those games that have been designed in such a way that they have above average pay-out percentages.

By doing do over your long term play you ill then in turn get more winning pay-outs when playing those higher paying casino games and will get much longer playing sessions too, but keep in mind all games of chance are random so you could win or lose on any session you play.

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