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Designing Video Slot Machines That Are Legal

July 30, 2018 July 30, 2018 Claire Aleman

There is of course a very fine art regarding the design of video slots, for they differ quite noticeably to the more standard three reeled and classic slots, and you will certainly come across plenty of them online or in any playing environment come to think of it!

The legal definition of a video slot is simply a slot machine on which there is one or more video screen which use computer generated graphics and animations to present the actual game, including but not limited to the reels and any unusual or unique or even standard bonus features and bonus games too.

These types of slots will however offer players a range of different stake options, and some of them can be very high limit slot machines too, however the vast majority of them are penny slots.

Even though you may come across plenty of penny video slots do be aware that as the number of coins you can wager and often the number of pay lines can be adjusted by players, that does of course mean there will be plenty of different stake levels that you can play them for, and as such they can be suitable for low and high rollers alike!

Unique Bonus Games

When playing video slots the one main attraction of them for all players has to be the bonus games that they can and will trigger as you play them. The most commonly available type of bonus game video slots can and do award are sets of free spins, some of which can re-trigger and often huge valued multiplier values too.

However, you will also come across wheel spinning bonus games pick and match bonus games and even bonus games that can, if you are lucky enough, award a progressive jackpot!

Legal RTP’s of Video Slot Machines

One final thing to always be aware of however if you do ever get the urge to play video slot games is that the pay-out percentages  they will be set to return to players over the long term, can and will vary significantly dependent on where you choose to play them.

It can often be on cruise ships for example that you will be playing video slot games and machines that have much lower long term expected pay-out percentages, and some of the highest RTP’s that I have come across are on offer to both online and mobile slot players!

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