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Legislation Requires RTP Figures to be Displayed

July 21, 2018 July 21, 2018 David Nugent

One thing that all casino game players will want to do is win of course, however each game such as slot machines or video poker games will have a built it house edge and whilst completely random games, they will, over the long term, make a casino operator a profit.

It is the house edge, or the return to player pay-out percentage, often simply known as the RTP that will ultimately determine the amount of profit a game will make, based on the amount of stake money fed through it.

Take for example a slot machine on which the game has been designed to return to players over the long term a pay-out percentage of 97%, over the long term that machine is expected to generate in profit 3.00 for every 100.00 wager through it, in the currency the machine has been designed to accept.

As such games are random, a player could experience a session on which they win, and their individual gaming session returns a pay-out percentage of well over 100%, however the longer they play such a machine the much more likely they are to lose due to the RTP the machine has been designed to return.

Where RTP Information is Displayed

More and more Gaming Authorities and Gambling Commission now demand that casinos, both online and land based ones are required to display the pay-out percentages of their games somewhere on their premises or somewhere on their websites.

Most land based casinos will prominently display that information somewhere on the games or even on the pay tables of those games, whilst online casinos will display that information on the help files, website or on the pay tables of each individual games.

RTP’s Can and Do Vary

It all depends on just where you live in the world as to whether they are going to be any absolute minimum long term expected pay-out percentages that casino games have to pay-out to or not, but what you will find is that many games will have been set with different RTP’s.

Therefore as a played you should always be on the slot out for the games that do boast the very highest of pay-out percentages, for if nothing else when playing those higher paying games over the long term, you do get a much better chance of getting more play time, as you will get more of your stake money return to you as winning pay-outs.

Some of the best paying games regarding pay-out percentages are not actually slot machines but video poker games, for there are quite a number of them that thanks to the design of the pay table can and do pay-out in excess of 99% of the stake fed through them as winning pay-outs.

Slot machines on the other hand can be set to return some much lower pay-out percentages, so whenever you do fancy playing such games always make a point of finding out what each games RTP gas been designed to return to players!


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