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Regulations Concerning Casino Game RTP Calculations

July 25, 2018 July 25, 2018 Michael Wright

You are going to find that all licensed casino sites are now obliged in certain jurisdictions to have the long term expected RTP’s that being the return to player pay-out percentages listed somewhere on their sites or available and displayed on each individual casino game instead.

The reason most casino site regulations have chosen to demand that information is available to players, is that players can then make a well balanced decision as to just which games they do fancy playing, and can also work out what their overall chances of winning will be.

However, players do need to get some idea as to just what the pay-out percentages are on each game and also get an understanding of what the best RTP’s are, as there can be a huge different regarding the percentage of a players stake money that will be returned to them over their long term play as winning pay-outs.

But if you are about to venture into the online or mobile casino game playing environment, and you place to play for real money, then you really do owe it to yourself to ensure that you are only playing at casino sites that do always display the expected RTP’S of each of their casino games!

What Pay-out Percentages Can You Expect Online?

It all depends on just which casino game you choose to play and at just which casino site you choose to play at too, as to just what pay-out percentages you can expect.

The games however that do boast some of the very highest of pay-out percentages are games such as video poker games which when played optimally can offer pay-out percentages of over 99%! However, slot machines in general tend to have much lower RTP’s usually around the 94% to 96% ranges.

How to Work Out Single Session RTP’s

It is not going to be too difficult for you to actually work out you own single session pay-out percentages obviously each time you play you will have a different single session pay-out percentage no matter what game you choose to play, but it is always going to be interesting to work out what they are.

As such if that is something that you do fancy doing then what you need to keep a track of are the stake you wagers through any game such as a slot machine and also keep a track of all of the winnings that slot machines pay-outs out too.

Once you session ends then simply discover your winnings by your stakes and that should then revealed to you the exact single session pay-out that you achieved on that session.

As an example if you wagers 119.40 through a slot machine and it paid out 84.60 then by diving the winnings by the stake you get 0.70, just remove the zero and that is your pay-out percentage, 70% in out example if the figure you arrive at begins with anything other than a zero just remove the first decimal point and the first three figures left are your pay-out percentage for that session!

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