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Regulators Demand Full Player Account Verification

July 21, 2018 July 21, 2018 Jessica Wilson

One thing that you are going to have to do when you choose to play at any online or mobile casino site is ensure that you are initially old enough to gamble at those casino sites, and at some point in time after having registered as a new player at any casino sites is then get your casino account fully verified.

It is the Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities that license and regulate such casino sites that have made that a requirement of their license holders, and as such always keep in mind that you will be asked at some point in time to get your account fully verified.

What they will entail is you having to send into the support teams or the security departments of any casino sites you have signed up to and play at, copies of certain documents, one of which will be a recent utility bill dated in the last three months so that the casino operator knows you do live where you say you live.

Also, to allow them to verify both your age and identity they will also ask you to send into them a copy of your driving license or your passport too.

Electronic Verification of Player Accounts

It is often possible for some online and mobile casino sites to automatically verify your identity and account when you sign up to their sites, and they will do that by electronic means.

However, if any casino site is not able to verify you by electronic methods then you will be required to furnish them with Copies of the documents they require, failure to send in those documents will often result in your account being locked until such a time that you can send those documents into the support teams.

Benefits of Being a Verified Player

There are of course lots of benefits of becoming a verified player at many different online and mobile casino sites first and foremost you are then going to be able to benefit from rapid winning pay-outs.

As soon as you casino accounts have been verified you will be able to request a winning pay-outs at any time and in some instances the casinos will pay you out your winnings in full and instantly, but that will always be dependent on the casino sites themselves and also by just which payment methods you have chosen to get paid out by.

It will often be the case that by you requesting your winnings are paid out to you by a web wallet, such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill most casinos that do offer instant pay-outs will then be able to send you out your winnings instantly and in full to those particular web wallets.

But always do make a point of reading through the banking and cashiers pages at each casino site you choose to play at, as it is on those pages you will find out what the pay-out times are at each casino site based on the payment methods you have chosen to get paid out by.

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