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Casino Player Accounts Balances Need To Be Segregated

December 30, 2017 July 20, 2018 Craig Anthony

Online casinos have been around since the early 1990’s, and over the last couple of decades there has been some major changes in regards to the way casino sites are regulated and licensed, and as such nowadays players do have much more protection in regards to game fairness and the security of their casino account balances.

Sadly, for some players over the last few years and even decades playing online casino games for real money has not be a very pleasant experience, for there has been lots of casino sites that have been operating one day then simply shut up shop and have vanished with players account balances.

That is something that many Gambling Commissions are aware of and none of them want to run the risk of seeing any of the casino sites they license and oversee suddenly being in a position whereby they need to close down and go out of business, and players then lose their account balances.

With that in mind most of the Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities that issue gambling licenses to online casino sites demand that all players account balances are kept in a completely segregated bank account.

That way if a casino site does for whatever reason end up closing and going out of business players are still going to have access to their account balances, and will never end up to of pocket. Therefore make sure that the casino sites you choose to play at do segregate your account balances for added peace of mind when playing at those casinos.

Withdrawal Limits and Pending Periods

Be aware that you may be subject to some payout limits when gangling online, and as such do always make sure you take a look at a casinos banking pages on their websites to ensure you know whether you are going to be restricted in regards to the value of any withdrawals you can make over any given time period.

Also be aware that not all casino sites are going to pay you out your winnings quickly. There can and often is delays in regards to you putting in a withdrawal request and your winnings being processed and then sent out to you.

If you make a deposit using for example a web wallet or a debit card then the payment method you used to make a deposit will be the one that you must use to withdraw your winnings. Unless you use a prepaid voucher and in such cases you will then have to pick a different payment method to get paid out your winnings, and there will often be several payment options available to you.

Choosing a Payment Option

You are faced with plenty of decisions when you do want to gamble at an online casino site and those can include where to play, which games to play and whether to make use of any casino bonus offers too.

However, there is also something else that you will need to make a decision on and that is just how you intend to make deposits into your online casino account and how you want to withdraw any winnings you achieve when playing your chosen casino games for real money!

There are going to be fees and charges if you use a web or E-wallet, and if you choose to use a credit card as the way you make a deposit into an online casino site you will find here are fees and charges and also often interest to be paid on those types of deposits too.

With that in mind do consider using a debit card or even a prepaid voucher when you want to make a deposit into any online casino site, for there are rarely any additional fees or charges that you are going to have to be forced to pay when using either of those two banking options.

The only problems when using a prepaid type of voucher to deposit is that you then have to select another payment option to get paid out any winnings you wish to withdraw, so I would urge you to consider using a debit card as you will be able to withdraw your winnings back to the bank account linked up to that card, often with no fees to pay either!

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