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Nepal Looks Set to Get Another Casino

August 28, 2018 August 28, 2018 James Anderson

If there is one single problem that a casino operator looking to expand into the Nepal gambling environment is always going to find difficult, it is securing the land needed to build such a property in a prime location, as well of course getting that land for the right price, and then securing the Governments permission to build a casino!

However, it does finally appear that Nepal is going to very shortly get another land based casino, for a company called Silver Heritage, who for the record currently operate other casinos in and around the area have managed to secure a piece of land they feel is perfect.

Silver Heritage are registered with the Australian Securities Exchange, and in a recent filing they have given an overview their plans to build that casino along with the financial data required, and in the grander scheme of things that didn’t appear to spend that much on the land and are not spending that much on actually building the casino itself.

Last year Silver Heritage made an operating loss, and has yet to reach a break even mark on another casino they opened recently in Nepal, so they are certainly looking at the long term, rather than the short term to start to profits rolling in on their investments there.

Location is Critical for Any Land Based Casino

It is important that any land based casino operator finds the very best location for any casino they are planning to open, for if not it could cost that operator dear.

In fact, only recently over in Las Vegas one such casino that was built in a very unusual location at the northern end of the Strip but off the main Strip did have to close down their casino whilst keeping open their hotel and that casino was the Lucky Dragon Casino.

Getting the Balance Right

Some gamblers are going to make a concerted effort to find a casino venue at which to play at, if that venue is offering them much more than other casinos.

Take for example the Downtown area of Las Vegas, there are plenty of low cost casino resort in and around that area, which are famed for the very low stake games and their low house games too, so it is always a case for a casino operator to get the balance right in regards to location and what they have to offer their customers.

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