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William Hill Hits the Mississippi Casino Scene

August 6, 2018 August 6, 2018 Michael Wright

After some upsetting news for investors in William Hill over the last few days, in regards to the massive drop in profits for their UK land based retail operation, it does appear those investors have something to finally put a smile back on their faces,

That is the news that the William Hill US operation has now been granted the rights and licenses to operate a total of eleven sportsbooks in the US State of Mississippi, and considering the value of that market place their share price has already seen a massive jump in value.

In fact, William Hill have already been making massive inroads into the US sports betting marketplace in Nevada, and already operate a large and growing number of sportsbooks in that US State, well over 100 at the last count, and word has it they are no hungry to expand even more and have been eyeing up other potential States.

In fact, many speculators are convinced that it won’t be very long before William Hill also turns their attention to online sports betting sites too, as there are a number of different States that are seriously looking to tap into that unregulated market place in the US.

What Makes William Hill Perfect for US Sports Bettors?

It has to be the long history that William Hill have had with the sports betting industry in the UK that has made them the number one choice for US based casinos, as they have a long and enviable track record for giving customers the type of gambling and betting experience they demand.

It does however also take a company that has very deep pockets to ensure all level of punters are going to be catered for, for if there is one thing that US sports bettors are known for doing it is betting big, and William Hill do have the deep pockets required for paying out big winners.

The US Sports Betting Marketplace is Huge

At a time when the UK retail arm of William Hill is facing many difficulties, such as the upcoming reduction in regards to the stakes at which FOBT’s can be played for, and the inevitable drop in turnover, income and profit those new maximum stake levels will have, the US is a massive market place.

As such it is very true to say that even though the UK land based betting industry is facing a turbulent time and it will be the survival of the fittest, by moving into the US William Hill are likely to become even bigger and a much more profitable company overall to.

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