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Casino Dress Codes Relaxed

August 3, 2018 August 6, 2018 Jay Castillo

There was a time when anyone wishing to pay a visit to a land based casino in places such as the UK, would have to make a concerted effort to dress up, however those rules regarding a dress code in such venues have been greatly relaxed.

Whether or not you think that is a good thing or not, having visited places such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and casinos in Reno having seen how some people dress up when gambling in those venues, sometimes people do leave a lot to be desired!

One thing that is very strictly enforced are the legal minimum age limits, and as such it doesn’t matter where you live in the world if you look younger than the legal minimum age limit in place in a land based casino then you will be challenged before entering such places.

In fact, when you pay a visit to a land based casino anywhere in Great Britain you are going to have to become a member of that establishment, and will have to sign in or produce your membership card before you will be allowed access to the gaming area, which does come as a surprise for overseas visitors of course!

UK Casinos Do Not Permit Alcohol on the Gaming Floor

One additional law surrounding land based casinos across Great Britain is that at no point in time are you going to be able to consume alcohol on the gaming floors of those venues.

When in Las Vegas however you are going to be able to order a drink delivered to the slot machine or gaming table you are playing, and those drinks often are completely free of charge as long as you are gambling.

Staying in Control When Gambling

If you are planning on visiting a land based casino or even are thinking about gambling online or on a mobile device, then one thing you should always ensure that you do is to set yourself a gambling limit and stick to it.

Not only that if you are panning on drinking when in any casino venue or when gambling online or when using a mobile device, please do ensure you drink in moderation, for if you do get drunk you could quite easily end up spending way more money than you originally intended.

Whilst casino employees are instructed to stop dealing cards for example at a gaming table is any of the customers sat around that table are drunk, playing slot machines or video poker machines in such venues is something you could do whilst drunk without anybody noticing and advising you to stop!

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