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Despite Regulators Concerns Crown Casino Retains its License

August 6, 2018 August 6, 2018 Jessica Wilson

Casino visitors should always have the peace of mind in knowing that any casino venue they visit is run to the very highest standards, and when it comes to the regulator requirements of such a casino venue, it is down to their license issuer to ensure that it does comply with the laws of the land.

In a very surprising move, the Crown Casino in Melbourne Australia had its gaming license renewed by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR), even though the operating company of that casino has been found to be seriously ignoring their legal obligations in regards to responsible gambling issues

It all boils down to the fact that the responsible gambling requirements that all VCGLR licenses casinos must adhere to were not deemed suitable or robust enough.

As it stands however, as part of the renewal of their gambling license the casino operators must as a matter of urgency completely revisit their responsible gambling policy, and ensure it is brought up to date and offers the player protections that it should.

The onus is of course on the casino operators to do as they have requested, for there is the chance of some hefty fines if they do not or they do still run the risk of having their license revoked too.

What are Responsible Gambling Policies?

Every single licensed casino should have in place a system whereby any player who does feel that they gambling activities are getting out of hand can get help and advice, or in extreme cases put in play something known a s a self exclusion.

That being they should be in a position whereby if they tell the casino operators by way of any of their staff members that they have a gambling problem, they should be able to for all intents and purposes ban themselves from a casino premises.

Casino Sites and Apps Must Have a Responsible Gaming Policy in Place

It is also worth pointing out that even if a casino operates online or is accessed via any type of mobile casino app, they too must have a responsible gambling policy in place.

In fact, most such sites and apps will have a system in place whereby customers of those sites can set their own deposit and loss limits before they start a gaming session, and as such can also be in total control of their losses before they start to gamble and play.

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