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Do I Have to Accept a Casino Site Bonus?

July 26, 2018 July 26, 2018 Barbara Cohen

It is a well known fact that are soon as you witch over to playing at an online or mobile casino site, you are then going to be offered all manner of different bonuses, in fact from the very second you do join up to such a site they are going to be offering you initially a welcome bonus offer.

Whether you take that welcome bonus or not, what will happen as a member of those casinos sites and casino apps, is that the promotions teams will then email you out a steady stream of ongoing bonus offers and promotional deals but you may be wondering whether they can force those bonuses on you.

What most casinos sites tend to do is to have an automatic system in place to allow any bonuses that they have made available to their players to get added to their account, so when offered a deposit match bonus, as soon as you have made a deposit that bonus then is added to your account instantly and automatically.

However, if you do not want to make use of that bonus and would prefer to play with just your own money, then what you should do is not start to play after making a deposit and once the bonus is credits to your account, and contact the customer support team and ask them to remove the bonus credits from your account, which they will then do.

Most Popular Casino Bonuses

The most popular types of casino bonuses that the vast majority of casino game players are going to be very eager to claim are any type of deposit match bonus, for they tend to offer those players the very best value.

A deposit match bonus will be awarded to you as a percentage of the amount of cash that you deposit into a casino site, but be aware that the percentage of your deposit that will be matched by a casino site can and will vary greatly from casino site to casino site.

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

There are going to be different sets of terms and codtn9osn attached and associated with casino bonus on offer to you at different casino sites and as such you should always make sure that you read through all of those terms and conditions.

In fact most casino sites just like land based casinos are also going to be offering you some form of loyalty scheme often referred to as a comp club or players club and those clubs will reward your gambling action with points that you can then exchange of playing credits or other things!

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