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Irish Addicted Casino Players Could Be Given Additional Help

August 17, 2018 August 17, 2018 James Anderson

If there is one group of people that do need to get as much help and support as they possibly can be it is those who have any form of gambling addiction problem, for it is a serious condition but one that if left untreated and unsupported can have some devastating consequences.

In Ireland for example there are an estimated 40,000 people who do have some form of gambling addiction problem, and it has just been suggested that an increase in gambling tax could be put into place with the money raised form that tax increase being given directly to support groups and charities that do help people with any type if gambling related problem.

The current tax rate of betting and gambling in Ireland is amazingly low at just 1%, and that generates for the government each year some €50m, and by doubling that tax rate that shouldn’t caused gambling companies to fall on hard times an instant €50m could then be used to help addicted gamblers.

This proposed doubling of the tax rate is one that really does have some merit, and I will be watching to see if it does get decided to increase that tax rate, for only good can come about by it being increased!

Taxing Winnings Not a Popular Move

As far as punter go it should only be the betting sites and betting companies that are forced to pay tax, for those casino players in Ireland would be up in arms so to speak if they were forced to pay gambling taxes on their winnings.

However that is something that does happen in places such as the USA, for by winning over a certain amount in and land based casino you are then going to be faced with paying taxes on the sport, which does take a lot of the fun and enjoyment out of winning big.

A Responsible Gaming Outlook is Needed

It doesn’t matter if you gamble regularly or are a very occasional gambler, what you should always ensure that you do is to gamble within your means.

That is often easier said than done, but of for example you are planning on visiting a land based casino, only take with you the amount of cash you have set aside as your gambling budget, and leave all credit and debit cards at home to remove the risk of you gambling more than you had initially intended to!

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