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Massachusetts Casinos to use the Game Sense Player Monitoring System

August 23, 2018 August 23, 2018 Craig Anthony

There has been concern over in Massachusetts that the legalising of casinos within the state boundaries could see an increase regarding the number of people who go on to develop gambling addiction problems.

However, those worries have been somewhat addressed, as the Massachusetts Gambling Commission have announced that all casinos and gaming venues that hold on of their coveted gambling licenses are going to be using the Game Sense player monitoring system.

That is a tracking system that will allow casino operators to very easily detect players who are playing in such a way that they are displaying signs that they could have some form of gambling addition related problems.

As soon as the Game Sense system does detect such a player, the casino operators will then be required to have a word with and discuss the potential for gambling addition related problems with those players detected, which should then allow then to nip in the bud so to speak any ongoing problems with those players, in regards to their gambling activities.

It is a proven system that does work, and has been tried and tested in many other gaming venues to great success.

Player Tracking Systems Have Many Uses

It is of course via a player’s card that all casinos can and will track and monitor their players gambling activities, and that is mainly done to work out what types of comps a player is entitled to.

Players earn what are known as comp points as they are gambling, and each wager sees them earning a set number of points per Dollar wagered, and as soon as they earn enough points they are then able to redeem them for things such as free foods and drink, cash or even additional slot player too.

MGM Casinos Already Use Game Sense

One company that have been at the forefront of the implantation of the Game Sense player monitoring system is MGM Casinos, and they already use it throughout their properties, and that claim it has helped them detect problem gamblers.

They have fully trained their staff to use the system, and have also fully trained them in regards to how they should approach a player who is displaying signs of a gambling addiction related problem, for the way they do approach such players is essential whilst needing to be very diplomatic too.

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