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Multi-Ball and Multi Wheel Roulette Games May be Banned

August 9, 2018 August 13, 2018 Craig Anthony

When it comes to players playing games such as Roulette, they had up until very recently only have a very small limited number of games available. It all depended on just where players chose to play such games of course.

The three most commonly available Roulette games are of course European Roulette which offers players the chance of betting on any of the 36 numbers of the wheel and there is also one single zero on the wheel and betting layout too.

There are also American Roulette games and when playing those, which players are never advised to do when there is a single zero Roulette game available in the venue they are playing in, they are faced with an additional double zero one the wheel and betting layout, but no increase in pay-outs for that extra ball well.

There is also a French Roulette game which offers the lowest house edge of all Roulette games which players get either half of their even money paying wagers back when a zero spins in or those wagers stat in place on the betting layout until a zero is not spun in. There are also multi ball and multi wheel Roulette games, but they could soon be banned.

How Multi Ball and Wheel Roulette Games Work

The way in which multi ball and multi wheel Roulette games play and pay is that players get the option of placing a bet on for example a single number to be spun in, but instead of one ball or wheel spinning several of them do. People can win and lose playing Roulette that is what makes the game fun to play.

Therefore for each wheel or ball sent spinning players are required to place an additional bet on each wheel or ball and that means such games can be very high stake ones, and can lead to addiction, which is why some regulators are looking at banning them.

Bonus Bets and Progressive Jackpots

I should also point out that when it comes to playing Roulette games online, players will also be faced with some variants that allow them to place bonus bets which can pay out at such huge odds when certain number sequences spin in consecutively.

Progressive Roulette games are also available at some casinos sites, but they often require a bonus bet to be placed for players to have any chance of winning a progressive jackpot, but all such games do come with a much higher house edge, which means players will lose much quicker when playing those types of games, unless they are very lucky!

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