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Regulating Casino Slot Tournaments

August 1, 2018 August 6, 2018 James Anderson

Slot tournaments are a great way for land based and even online casinos to attract players to their venues. However, they do have to abide by certain laws and regulations, to ensure that they are run and operated in line with the requirements that have been set by the licensing authority or gambling commission.

However, there can be a huge number of different ways in which a slot tournament could be structured, and today I am going to be looking at the general way in which such events must be designed and how they must be run too.

Once a player has entered a slot tournament, they must attend to area within the casino which has the tournament slots located at the specific time, and they will then be allocated a slot machine to play, which is usually determined by random, such as selecting a ticket out of a box with the number of the tournament slot printed on it.

All entrants must then wait until the starting time of the tournament, and will then be allocated a set number of credits or a set time in which to play off those credits as quickly as they can do.

Players Scores Must be Noted

The scores achieved by each entrant must be logged by the casino employee who is overseeing the tournament and any addition scores if the slot tournament is made up of several rounds.

It will then be the player or players who in total achieve the highest scores in the tournament will then be allocated the prizes on offer. However, there can be some additional prizes awarded for finishing in different positions on the leader board. Sometimes hot seat prizes are also awarded in each round of the tournament too, which will be a prize or some sort awarded in a draw for players sat at certain slots.

Tournament Slots

Players will always be designated the exact same type of slot machines to play in a slot tournament, and those slot machines will, much like all other slot machines in any venue will be 100% random in their design.

If there are any technical problems that occur during a slot tournament then it will be the designed casino employee who will ultimately make a decision as to how the problem will be put right, which will usually be done as quickly as possible in line with the casinos own set of rules.

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