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The Design and Rules of Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

July 30, 2018 July 30, 2018 Jessica Wilson

When playing some slot machines you have the chance of winning one or more progressive jackpots, and it is very safe and true to say that due to the sheer value of the jackpots on offer on those types of slot machines they can get a huge amount of attention from players, and always seem to be very popular slots too.

However, there are so many different types of progressive slot machines available to you, you really do need to understand the different way in which they have been designed and know just which ones are going to be worth playing too!

The most standard type  of progressive slot machine however is one that will require you o have to play for a certain stake level to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot, and then you will need to get the jackpot paying winning combination of matching reel symbols lining up on a particular pay line.

What you should also be aware of is that some progressive slot machines are linked up to other slot machines and often not in the same venue as the one in which you are playing at or not at the online or mobile casino site either!

Networked Progressive Slot Machines

When you do come across a slot or several slot machines in any playing environment that are linked to others in different venues and sites, they are known as network wide progressives, and any player playing them in any way required to have a chance of winning the jackpot could indeed win the jackpot.

A percentage of all players takes are fed into the jackpot pool and as such those types of slot machines do often have jackpots that grow very quickly in value and can often award some truly enormous jackpots too.

Randomly Awarded Progressive Jackpots

Recently there has been a huge increase regarding the number of slot machines on which you will find something known as a random jackpot or some slot machines that can offer more than one random jackpot.

As the name of those slot machines do suggest, when you play such slots, completely at random you could be awarded with any of the progressive jackpots awarded to them, and there is often no requirement to have to play them for a certain stake level or to activate every single pay line either, so they are cost effective and very popular slot machines for sure!

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