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Safety Paramount in Talking Stick Casino Evacuation

August 16, 2018 August 16, 2018 Claire Aleman

In light of the Las Vegas shootings, many people have rightly been concerned about the measures that are in place whenever they visit a land based casino, for wherever there is gambling, drinking and huge amounts of people, there is always the possibility of there being some form of trouble or incident at those venues.

It is sometimes the case however that it is not the hand of humans that can cause an emergency incident, but an act of God, and that was certainly the case a few days back over at the Talking Stick Casino Resort in Arizona.

A huge storm ripped through the area surrounding that casino resort, which amongst other things caused an immediate power outage, therefore forcing the casino bosses to implement their emergency evacuation procedure.

Whilst those gamblers playing the gaming machines and at the gaming tables wouldn’t have been too inconvenienced, their staying at the resort and those taking part in the now cancelled Arizona State Poker Championship were inconvenienced, and those poker players have been now offered a full refund on their entry fees and tickets to that event, but many of them are still upset about it not being rescheduled or their out of pockets expenses being refunded too!

All Casino Venues Have an Emergency Protocol in Place

Make no mistake about it, whenever you do pay a visit to any land based casino in the US or for that matter in any other country of the world, the safety of visitors and guests of those casinos and casino resorts in paramount.

Therefore if there is ever any type of emergency in those venues that emergency protocol will be put into place and it will be one that all staff in those venues are very familiar with and have full training for.

Don’t Delay Evacuate if Asked Too!

I am very well versed at visiting land based casinos, and occasionally have heard a fire alarm sounding when visiting such places, and what do often amaze me is that gamblers will be reluctant to leave the venue and will simply carry on playing.

If you are every inside a casino and the arm does sound or you are requested to leave and evacuate the venue then do so without hesitation, in fact when you first enter such a venue you should always familiarize yourself with the emergency exits, just so you know where they are.

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