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Savvy Vegas Bound Visitors Benefitting from Low Cost Flights

August 20, 2018 August 20, 2018 Craig Anthony

It has often been the case that when visiting Las Vegas, the largest expense you can be faced with are the flights there! Internal US flights have never been what you could call competitive, and as for international visitors, well they are faced with paying some huge amounts of cash to get to Vegas and it can be a very expensive holiday before they even get there!

However, the airline industry has been changing in recent years, and the success rates of low cost budget airlines has been impressive, and it is now possible to visit when flying there for a fraction of the cost that it used to be.

But you do need to know where to look if you are going to benefit from low cost flights, and will also need to be able to become a much savvier traveller to ensure you are not going to have to pay all of the extra fees and charges all budget airlines force their customers to pay.

One of those charges are baggage fees, however recently I visited Vegas on a budget airline and with some smart packing, I did manage to get everything I needed for a few days in Vegas packed into just one very small bag, which didn’t cost me anything to take on the plane!

Spirit Airline a Low Cost Carrier to Vegas

You are going to be very hard-pressed to find a much lower cost airline that will get you to Vegas internally in the USA that Spirit Airlines.

What you do need to do however to ensure the cost of your flight is not going to sky rocket so to speak when travelling them is to do everything possible not to be forced to pay extras, which will of course mean you need to travel light, and if on a long distance internal flight take your own snacks and drinks with you too!

Norwegian Airlines a Good Choice for European Vegas Visitors

If you fancy visiting Las Vegas but are coming from Europe then you need to be aware of Norwegian Airlines, for they offer direct flights form many European destinations in the Autumn and Winter months for a fraction of what the flag carriers will charge you.

You will also find that if you leave from countries that have very low or even no air passenger taxes, such as Denmark, Sweden or even Oslo the cost of your flights will be a fraction what you will be charged by the likes of British Airways or Virgin International!

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