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Casino Operator Rank Report Drop in Profits

August 16, 2018 August 16, 2018 Christopher Andrews

Things are sadly not looking good for the Rank Group; they are a UK land based casino operator that has also expanded their operation into both the online and mobile gaming environments too. They have been around for years. However, that experience hasn’t shone through in their most recent set of income figures.

In fact, they have just reported an enormous 40% drop in pre-tax profits, and those profits have been massively dented by not only their land based operation but also by a drop of 7.9% in regards to their online and mobile gaming operations too.

As is often the case when profits drop by so much for any gambling site operator they are going to have to take an urgent step back and look at what they are going wrong, and put into play measures to try and rectify the problems they find.

Simply looking at cutting costs is not going to be enough for the Rank Group, for there are only so many costs you can cut back on before their gambling operations begins to suffer even more, so they are going to have to put into place a solid and robust short and long term strategy to turn the business around, and quickly too, which they have said they are going to be doing!

Grosvenor Casino Brand

The main income generated by the Rank Group comes from their land based casino operation that operates under the brand name of Grosvenor Casinos.

How they are going to turn those casinos around and try and attract more customers through their doors does however remain to be seen, for attracting new customers to any land based casinos does take a lot of effort and often some huge marketing costs too!

Mecca Bingo Brand

The Rank Group also operate online and land based bingo sites and clubs that are all under the Mecca Bingo brand, it is likely to be something of an uphill battle for them to increase the income of their bingo sites and venues as the competition they face from other operators is huge.

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