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Casino Site Operator the Stars Group Increases Income

August 15, 2018 August 15, 2018 Barbara Cohen

It has always been a survival of the fittest in the online casino environment, for with such a huge number of casino sites available to players, and with each of them having to dream up all manner of weird and wonderful promotional offers to keep their customers loyal, many casinos simply cannot compete with the older and more established ones.

The Stars Group for example are one online casino site operator who has always been in a position to offer their players exactly what they want, and their online casino site is one on the most visited and most played at casino sites on the web.

In fact, they have also diversified into many other gambling markets places, and as such operate online betting sites an also an online poker site. That poker site is one of the biggest ones in the world and you may already have heard of it, its name is Poker Stars.

What the Stars Group have just done is to release their financial report for the second quarter of this year and it makes very interesting reading, for they have managed to increase income by a cool $14 million over that period and the income generated was a huge and very impressive $217 million for the record!

Untapped Markets

Some countries of the world such as the UK for example have always had some fairly relaxed and liberal laws in place regarding online gambling, however over the last decade or so many countries now offer casino site operators the ability of becoming licensed in their jurisdictions.

What the Stars Group have something of a passion for, which will stand them in good stead for the years ahead, is that they are always eager to gain gambling licenses to allow them to operate in many different countries of the world.

Robust Poker and Casino Product

What does tend to separate Poker Stars from the many other poker sites of which there are literally hundreds if not thousands of them available to both online and mobile poker players is their ability to keep their gaming suites fresh and up to date.

It is also the fact that both their casino and poker products have such huge customer bases that does enable the Stars Group to dig deep into their pockets to ensure both their poker and casino software platforms are up to date and their games are ones that players simply love playing.

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