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Decline in the Number of Downloadable Casino Sites

December 30, 2017 July 20, 2018 Jay Castillo

There was a time when if you wanted to get stuck into playing casino games, the only way you could do so was by downloading a casino software platform onto your computer, and that sadly was something of a very time consuming task.

However, these days you are not only still going to be able to download a casinos gaming platform directly into your computer, but you also have the option of playing via a casino app on a mobile device, or you can make use of an instant play type of gaming platform.

It is those instant play gaming platforms that have become the most popular and most common way for players to access their favourite casino games online, for by doing so players never have to waste any time waiting for software and individual casino games to download.

An instant play gaming platform, if you have never come across one before, is one on which all of the games you choose  to play are launched and loaded into the be browser you are using.

As such you can swap and change not only the games you play instantly but you can also swap and change the actual instant play casino sites you play at instantly too.

One of the main benefits of you choosing to use an instant play gaming platform is that there will often be games that are supplied at those casino sites from a range of different game suppliers, so you will get a great choice of different games at those instant play casino sites.

Differences in Option Settings on Gaming Platforms

You should always make a note of the different features and option settings that will become available to you dependent on just which type of online casino gaming platform you choose to utilize.

It is often the case however that for the most configurable option settings you will be best advised to make use of a fully downloadable gaming platform, as there are often many more option settings available on those gaming platform when compared to both an instant play one and a mobile platform.

The range of games can and will different dependent on whether you use a downloadable gaming platform or an instant play one.

When accessing casinos that use a downloadable gaming platform you will find the use just one suppliers range of games on offer, so whilst there will be lots of games available they will all have been designed and supplied by the same company, mobile gaming platforms also tend to have the lowest number of casino games.

UK Gambling Commission

If there is one bit of advice I would pass on anyone in the UK that wants to start playing at an online casino site when that person is based in Great Britain, it is to ensure that the casino sites they do become a member of holds a full and valid UK Gambling Commission issued gaming license.

That will always give you the peace of mind in knowing your account balance is in a safe and segregated ban account, and you will also have the added peace of mind in knowing that every single game available at those casino sites are fair and random too.

It is also going to be very beneficial for players who are based in the UK or for that matter any other country of the world to sign up to a casino site that allows them to play in their own home currency as that way no currency exchange rate fees will be taken from your deposits and you will not be at the mercy of currency exchange rates too.

But do be aware that some casino sites may proclaim to be licensed and regulated by one or more gambling commission or gaming authority when they are not, sadly that is the nature of the internet these days, so always make a point of checking the gambling commission website just to double check any casino site you come across is fully licensed.

All licensed casino sites do have to abide by some very strict rules and regulations too, so you will always have a hassle free experience and will be playing at casino sites that believe in fair play and integrity.

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