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More Players Switching Over to Using Casino Apps

December 30, 2017 July 20, 2018 James Anderson

You will always be able to play casino games no matter where you are, and thanks to the next generation of mobile casino sites you are going to be able to play any type of casino game that takes your fancy directly from your mobile phone.

The way in which you do so is of course is by downloading a casino app onto your phone, and then whenever you get the urge to play you simply fire up the app and then you will be given the option of playing for free via that app or you can of course choose to play for real money instead

In fact, more and more players are choosing to use a casino app as they way they do access their preferred casino games, however if you want to play for free occasionally make sure you choose which casino app you make use of.

Some casino apps are known as for entertainment purposes only, and as such those apps do not allow you to make deposits and play for real money.

But those apps will only give you a small amount of free demo mode credits and when you run out you then have to pay for additional demo mode credits!

Paying for free play demo credits is something no player should ever do, so I would urge you to access a casino app offering free play and real money modes, as you get an unlimited supply of demo mode credits when playing via those types of casino apps!

Mobile Casino Bonuses and Comp Clubs

If you are a regular online casino player then you will already be very well versed in claiming bonuses to help you get more play time from your bankroll, but you may be wondering if the number of mobile casino bonuses are going to be low in value or rarely on offer to you.

I am happy to let you know that as soon as you do sign up to any mobile casino site you are still going to be able to claim a sign up bonuses just as generous as most online casino welcome bonuses and you will certainly get offered a huge number of ongoing casino bonuses too.

In regards to comp points, well, the comp clubs attached to mobile casino sites are going to be just as generous as any online casino sites comp club!

But keep in mind most casino sites will have their own unique comp clubs on offer, and as such as a savvy player your should always hunt around for a mobile casino site that does have a generous comp club scheme to ensure your gaming action is rewarded!

Multiple Different Casino Games

Having plenty of choice over the games you play at any online casino sites is going to be something you will enjoy about playing at most if not all legal online casinos.

It should be pointed out however than many such sites that utilize an instant play type of gaming platform can and often do have games supplied from a range of different companies, and as such those gaming platforms you will be accessing will be jam packed full of plenty of different casino games.

Each game you will find on offer at such sites however will have all been tested and certified as being fair and true, so you are never going to have any worries about game integrity or whether you are getting a fair and random outcome on any games you do decide to play.

One other thing worth knowing about legal and licensed online casino sites is that their free to play and access casino games have to be set to return the same payout percentages and the same house edges as the real money versions of those games.

So if you do initially set about playing any licensed casinos games via the free play versions of those games you are going to find they will play and pay just as well as they do when you set about playing any of them for real money, and they have not had their RTP’s increased to give you a sense that they are better paying games than they really are!

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