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Well Known Casino Company Chairman has Vanished

August 27, 2018 August 27, 2018 Christopher Andrews

It is like a tale from the days of old, when casino bosses would go missing in Las Vegas and would never be heard of again, for the Chairman of a huge casino operating company has suddenly vanished and nobody knows where he is or what has happened to him!

It is Yang Zhihui who is the Chairman of the massive Landing International Development Company that has seemingly vanished into thin air, and there is a lot of speculation as to just what has happened to him, with many people speculating it is not something nice either.

It was on Thursday last week that Landing International Development realised they could not make contact with their Chairman, and in such unusual circumstances any publically traded company must inform their regulations, and as such the company has made a filing on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

That filing makes clear that whilst all attempts to contact their Chairman Yang Zhihui have failed, the company is continuing to operate normally, and there is no immediate negative effect of him being missing likely to be experienced by the company.

Investors Panic over His Disappearance

Being such a large casino and gambling venue operator, the instant effect of Yang Zhihui  going missing is that the share value of the company, which has been falling for quite some time has massively dropped in value.

Until such a time that those investors and traders know what has happened to him is that share price unlikely to recover, and could continue on its downward trend for quite some time to come.

Casino Lease Revoked in the Philippines

Landing International Development did experienced something of a major problem the other day, for they had been planning to start work building what would have become one of the largest land based casino resorts in the Philippines, in fact the other day they actually broke ground on the site at which that huge and very expensive casino resort was to be built.

However, no sooner than the first shovel full of earth had been dug up, the President of the Philippines announced that the company’s lease for that site had been revoked due to the terms of that lease being too generous for the company and not generous enough of the Philippines!

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